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mini-cooper-s-e-countryman-all4-300x150Mini to remain in UK: BMW has chosen its Oxford plant to produce the new electric Mini from 2019, after the board dismissed other options in the Netherlands and Germany as expected. The electric drivetrain will be made in Bavaria though before being integrated into the car at Oxford. Concerns over Brexit, had BMW built up an alternative manufacturing base in the Netherlands and BMW says it had not received any reassurances from the British government.,,

Britain to ban sale of all diesel and petrol cars and vans: From 2040 onwards only electric cars will be allowed, several English media reported. The British government wants to announce the project today. With this commitment, which will also take in hybrid vehicles, the UK follows a similar pledge in France.

All-solid-state at Toyota by 2022? An electric Toyota that drives on solid-state batteries may be just five years away in Japan, a local newspaper reports. While Toyota neither denies nor confirms plans for such an EV, the carmaker will reportedly begin to build electric cars in China by 2019.

Twizy to move to Korea: Renault wants to produce its electric quad in Korea, where the Twizy has hit the ground running as reservations exceeded 1,200 units in less than two months. To save import cost, the French started to check out local manufacturers but a final decision is yet to be made.,

Hyundai prices FCV: As the Korean carmaker readies its fuel cell model for serial production, Hyundai has set the starting price at 70m Won (about 54,000 euros). Add Korea’s generous EV incentives and the price falls to 30,000 euros. This positions the new FCV at a more affordable level than Hyundai’s first hydrogen model ix35, which had cost about 20 percent more. Launch is set for early 2018.

Mercedes to join FE: The electric racing series is becoming more illustrious by the day with Daimler joining from season six (2019/20) after it its entry option got extended by a year. Mercedes is the third German carmaker to enter the Formula E after Audi and BMW.

Rumour recoded: Ford is back in the gamble to buy Lucid Motors allegedly, although such talks were just recently denied. Now Recode reports however, that not only Ford is still exploring the option to snatch up the EV start-up and that two more secret buyers are looking into it as well.

Number of the Day

18,804 electrified cars

Kia sold 18,804 electrified cars in Europe in the first half of this year, so here 7.5 percent of total sales were electric and hybrid cars. It is a strong increase, given that in Q1 2016, HEV sales made up just one percent. 2017’s winner is Kia’s dedicated hybrid Niro which was sold 16,002 times.

Research + Technology

Tesla, Tokyo, Nano One, Walmart

tesla-model-3-schwarz-elektroauto_300x150pxThe final surprise? Maybe Tesla got one more Model 3 detail in store before the launch this week. Insiders think the EV maker could be using larger battery cells referred to as 4416, contrary to previous speculation placing high energy density 2170 cells in the Model 3. Elon will tell on Friday.

Solid-state battery development: Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology have devised a low-cost, scalable approach to developing all-solid-state batteries, improving prospects for scaling up the technology for widespread use in EVs. The approach involves substituting germanium for tin and silicon.

LFP patent: Nano One has filed for a patent for its method of synthesising Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cathode material. The novel process uses fewer steps and cheaper raw materials while eliminating waste streams, costly equipment and manufacturing complexities.

H2 refill at Walmart: Plug Power expects to provide its GenKey hydrogen fueling station to up to 30 additional Walmart sites in the U.S. over the next three years. Ten sites are already under contract and scheduled to be finished by the end of this year.

Quotes of the day

Peter Mertens, Goldman Sachs

Peter-Mertens“People might not need more than 30-40 miles of driving range in a day, but they want a bigger number.”

This is Audi’s R&D boss, Peter Mertens, who predicts that demand for PHEV will decrease with growing driving ranges and quicker charging of pure EVs.

anonym“In our extreme case, we project peak oil demand in 2024.”

From Goldman Sachs latest research that expects the EV market to grow more than 40-fold to 83 million vehicles by 2030, from 2 million in 2016.

Fleets + Infrastructure

Honda + Yamaha, Tritium, Down Under, XL Hybrids, SyndicateRoom

Sharing is caring: Honda and Yamaha want to test electric scooters for rent and have convinced the city of Saitama to start a pilot this September. 30 E-Vino by Yamaha are to make the start and feature swappable batteries. Both companies hope to gain insights to hone for their electric motorcycles as well.,,

tritium-veefil-ut-ladestation-300x150Tritium’s tipping point: The Australian EV charging provider has raised 10m dollars from a (former) coal baron, who believes the EV market has reached tipping point and so Brian Flannery is ready to switch. Tritium plans to use his money to triple production and to expand on a global scale. R&D will receive its share as well and Tritium’s latest product is a fast-charging station with up to 475 kW.,

Down Under: Kiwi EV start-up Mevo is in talks with local governments in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to offer their products in those Australian cities. In its home base of Wellington, Mevo is already offering a fleet of hybrid Audis to the public via a membership-based service (we reported). The company aims to be present in five cities in the region with up to 2,000 vehicles by 2023.

More customers convert to hybrid driving as XL Hybrids says new customers are ordering its XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive Systems. Among them are universities namely Yale, Harvard or Columbia but also municipalities such as Long Beach or Boston and some National Parks.

High-level finance: Online investment platform SyndicateRoom has opened up a 1m GBP investment opportunity for Engenie. The company, which was launched in 2013, provides high-power rapid-charging facilities for electric cars and buses.,

Service + Suggestions

Toyota, 1946er Chevy Pickup

Reading tip: Toyota is facing a hydrogen holdup in the States that has already affected sales of its fuel cell model Mirai. Progress is particularly slow at the East Coast, where the Japanese and partner Air Liquide SA cut down their expectation to 3 – 4 stations from a dozen initially planned this year.

Click tip: Joe Winter has converted his 1946er Chevy Pickup to a hybrid using Toyota’s motor from the Prius. A small step for the planet, a big step for Mr. Winter.

Short circuit

Star Wars for real

The Model S for kids was just a warm-up for Radio Flyer, which just released the Landspeeder. It leans lovingly on the design of Luke Skywalker’s stylish glider X-34 in Star Wars Episode IV and what else could a child ask for. Okay, no, it does not fly but it makes retro-future sounds. (with video)