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Honda, Porsche, Qoros, Hybrid Kinetic, GM, Iconiq Motors.

Honda-CR-V-HybridHonda hurries electrification: The Japanese carmaker is just as eager to fulfil China’s upcoming EV quotas as is VW and so Honda announced a pure BEV for China as early as next year. While China COO Yasuhide Mizuno had no details, he also promised a plug-in hybrid SUV for 2018 in Shanghai, two years earlier than initially planned. An FCV was mentioned too, hence it is likely to see the Clarity in all its new energy vehicle variants making an entry into China rather sooner than later. For now, Honda debuted the CR-V Hybrid at the Auto Shanghai. Regular market entry is scheduled for later this year., (CR-V Hybrid)

Porsche will not stay a stranger to electrification either it appears as CEO Oliver Blume spoke of expansion beyond the Mission E in Shanghai. Next to more all-electric models, the PHEV line-up could be extended as well – all in a bid to obey Chinese regulators, although Blume insisted to “find the technology as such interesting” for Porsche’s sporty drive.

K is for Koenigsegg that delivers the power for Qoros four-door supercar which has taken its place among the Shanghai debutantes. The Qoros K-EV utilises four electric drives that add up to 640 kW. A small series may be produced by 2019.,

Two turbine SUVs: The Hybrid Kinetic Group makes use of its EV concept with a micro turbine range extender it only recently presented in Geneva. The latest two models can now be seen in Shanghai and both SUV, the K550 as well as the K750, were designed by Pininfarina. As with the H600, both boast a 1,000 km range thanks to their revolving extra power source.,

Chevy plug-in concept: Two years after GM’s attempt to Find New Roads (FNR) in hybrid technology, Chevrolet brings the FNR-X to Shanghai. The SUV features scissor doors and a plug-in hybrid drive but is again just a concept.,

Electric mini-van: If the Iconiq 7 will become what its name suggests remains to be seen but the Iconiq Motors manufacturer has concrete production plans for its six-seater EV. Starting with 15,000 units in 2019, production is to scale up rapidly with 110,000 MPVs planned in 2025. The design was developed by W Motors with the platform and driveline coming from Magna in large parts. Plus, the electric van shall be autonomous by 2023.

Number of the Day

Strong EV Slaes in Norway.

March saw a 33 percent PEV marketshare in Norway, that is a third of all newly registered cars were either fully or partially electric. Among a total of 4,665 PEV, the Nissan Leaf was the most successful seller (499) before the Tesla Model X (446) and the BMW i3 (394).

Research + Technology

Toyota, GKN Driveline, Continental, Microvast.

Toyota-Project-PortalToyota truck with Mirai tech: After starting with sedans and buses, the Japanese is en route to employ its fuel cell system in 40 ton trucks. Los Angeles not Tokyo harbour will pioneer the ‘Project Portal’ pilot that sees two fuel cell stacks from the Mirai plus a 12 kWh battery power a H2 lorry. Range is given at 320 km and Toyota promotes its tech-carrier’s fast acceleration in a drag race video of sorts.,, video

1m electric drives: GKN Driveline has set its eyes on the EV market in China and hopes to produce one million electric motors annually through its joint venture SDS by 2025. One of the eDrives is fully integrated and already on display in Shanghai. It packs the electric motor, power inverter, and gearbox within a single casing, while delivering 65 kW. An unnamed OEM is to use it for a small PHEV.,

Conti too has an electric drive in Shanghai, which it hopes to sell to Chinese OEMs. The electrical axle drive is compact, weighs about 75 kilos but has an output of up to 150 kW. It will be made in China.

Macro investment for Microvast: The battery maker secured 400m dollars from investors for its allegedly inflammable Li-ion packs. Microvast plans to expand production and is working on its next-gen battery due within this year. A factory is under construction in Chinese Huzhou, which shall produce 15 GWh a year from 2019.,

Quotes of the day

Herbert Diess, Hubertus Troska, Monika Mikac.

Herbert-Diess-VW“This is a challenge but also an opportunity because we will quickly gain large volumes and gain sufficient scale to make electro-mobility cost effective enough so that it will also be a success in Germany and the United States.”

Volkswagen brand chief Herbert Diess said VW will invest in locally developed EV technology as he is convinced, “China will become the leading market for electromobility.”

hubertus_troska“We’re not concerned about technology transfer.”

Diess’ colleague Hubertus Troska, Daimler’s board member responsible for China, tried to make an equally brave stance as well in Mercedes’ bid to keep a foot in the market by holding on to local partners. (both Diess & Troska)

Monika-Mikac“Maybe with hypercars, we will first have the step of going to hybrid version, different kind of hybrid versions, but then I think the final step for everybody is going 100 percent electric.”

Monika Mikac, COO of Rimac Automobili, has no doubts about the future of hypercars. For the Croatian it is the present already obviously as Rimac displays the fully electric Concept One in New York.

Fleets + Infrastructure

Scotland, Spain, Movistar, Ontario, BMW.

Hybrid bus fleet in Scotland: Dundee and Angus now count seven more hybrid double deckers to carry its populace around the Kirriemuir, Forfar and Brechin. They join Stagecoach’s other 18 hybrid coaches. To the cost of 2.1m pounds, the Scottish Green Bus Fund has contributed 300,000 GBP.

BMWs motorcycle section is busy as well and has now electrified the police force in Gijón, Spain. Ten members of the “policía” now ride the C Evolution electric scooters when on patrol., (both in Spanish)

More electric news reached us from Spain where Telefonica has reached a deal with Peugeot and Alphabet to add ten EVs to the Movistar Spain Operations and Network fleet. Starting this April, six electric Peugeot Partner Tepee vans will be deployed in Madrid and four in Barcelona.

Bank and charge: Scotiabank said it will install over 30 EV charging stations at select branches across Ontario. They complement the bank’s EcoLiving Auto Loan Program, which provides preferential financing for electric, hybrid and clean diesel vehicles. The latter term may need an update.

BMW is to electrify America as it teams up with the National Park Foundation and its services as well as the DoE to erect up to 100 EV charging stations at the nature reserves. The first stations have been inaugurated at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park in New Jersey.,

Service + Suggestions

Toyota, Andre Borschberg, Events.

Reading tip I: Toyota has got the “hybrid blues” in China as it has to accept that regulators will treat any car without a plug like any other ICE. Executives consider the involuntary strategic U-turn “agonizing” and admit they are forced to “get over our EV allergy and come up with an electric car” pretty soon.

Reading tip II: Solar Impulse co-founder and pilot Andre Borschberg is off to a new adventure named H55 to develop certified electric propulsion systems for air transport.

Events for the upcoming week: Hannover Messe incl. Group Exhibit Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Batteries (April 24-28; Hannover, Germany) ++ E-Mobility Conference (April 25; London, UK) ++ ESCP Europe Electric Vehicle Road Trip (April 25-28; London to Madrid via Bordeaux) ++ You can find a complete list of upcoming events at

Short circuit

Tesla Model 3 configurator.

Are you one of the reservation holders for Tesla’s economy model or just like toying with the thought? There is a new outlet for your imagination. The Model 3 configurator is unofficial but no less versatile. Enjoy your weekend! via