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Porsche, Volvo, Tesla, Mercedes, Lucid, LION E-Mobility.

Porsche-Mission-EPorsche first to discontinue diesel?: The premium brand may exit diesel, surely in an attempt to put some distance between its label and the treacherous mothership Volkswagen. Additionally, Porsche is currently pouring a billion euros into its Stuttgart plant to accommodate for the Mission E production with employees even foregoing parts of their regular pay rises temporarily. A decision on the engine line-up however, will only be made at the end of the decade and depends on EV sales and the effect of the electrification strategy that includes PHEV and the e-Macan. Together with Audi, the brand further plans to share a custom platform codenamed PPE to save money on components. To top it up, Porsche’s high-power charging tech has only recently been revealed and awaits its (inter?) national roll-out.

All-electric compact Volvo? An XC20 is in the making in Sweden and designed to complement the SUV range with a small model below the XC40 by 2019, Auto Bild reports. The XC20 shall sit on a modified platform already used by both Volvo and Geely’s Lynk & Co so it is very likely that this one will come electric only and in line with the latest electrification strategy.

Murdoch son on Tesla board: After shareholders had called for a board less familiar to Elon Musk, the EV maker hired two new directors, both with powerful bonds to media enterprises. Namely they are James Murdoch, son of Rupert Murdoch and CEO 21st Century Fox as well as Linda Johnson Rice who heads the Johnson Publishing Company. On a more productive note details on the Model 3 launch have been released. It will take place on July 28, at 7pm in Fremont, that is 4am in Europe and broadcasted via live stream. (board), (Model 3)

Sprinter spotted in Spain: Mercedes’ next-gen van has been caught testing in Spain but was still covered. An electric version is planned as well and will reportedly be made in Düsseldorf.

Lucid is playing for money and time: The EV start-up from California has turned to the big guys such as Morgan Stanley and Ford as it continues to seek financing for its first electric sedan and a production plant planned in Arizona. Ford however turned an offer to buy Lucid Motors down as it is undergoing a 100-day review of its own operations. Lucid Motors now set the start of production by 2019, a year later than initially announced. It’s Air EV is up for speed records though.

LION E-Mobility in the States: Swiss Holding LION E-Mobility has set up a subsidiary with head quarters in New York City. Under CEO Roland Bopp it will offer electric storage solutions and engineering services to suppliers and other transport sectors as well as.

Number of the Day

EV Sales in the UK.

A total of 22,480 plug-in cars were registered between January and June 2017 in the UK, an increase of 14.3 percent on 2016. Growth was driven by private drivers. Nissan’s Leaf once more prove the bestseller but the “newcomer” BMW 3-series PHEV sales grew the most by almost 80%.

Research + Technology

Navya, Lithium, Paul-Scherrer-Institute, CF Motoring Services.

Navya-Arma-300x150Navya found its new home in the States in the town of Saline, Michigan. It is the first oversea activity for the French manufacturer of autonomous shuttles and Navya hopes to build 25 Armas there this year.,

Lithium offensive in Bolivia: President Evo Morales wants to tap into the world’s largest lithium reserve that rests under the Salar de Uyuni salt flats. After a pilot plant has run for some time, Bolivia now wants to scale up the mining production and processes with 800m dollars to start extraction by 2020. Morales vision goes beyond the raw material though as he sees the landlocked country as a hub for the entire value chain like battery and car factories that promise jobs. For now however, Bolivia faces challenges regarding purity of its lithium but also infrastructure and doubts from investors. Nevertheless, firms from both China and Germany are active in the country already.

Nanomaterial for electrolyser: Researchers from Paul-Scherrer-Institut and Empa have developed a new catalyst material for electrolysers that helps store solar energy efficiently at lower costs in the form of hydrogen.They managed to produce perovskite in the form of miniscule nanoparticles.

EV training scheme: CF Motoring Services wants to deliver electric and hybrid vehicle training to 90 staff. The company teamed up with Gateshead College to secure European Social Fund cash for the project, which will see people learn how to repair and restore EVs and hybrids safely.

Quotes of the day

Ulrich Kranz, Anand Mahindra.

Ulrich-Kranz“I’m not a job hopper. […] I look at the product and the people behind the product. That’s why I wanted to join and help to set up everything so the company is ready to launch the product.”

Says the former head of BMWi, Ulrich Kranz when asked about his move to Faraday Future. He might not be a hopper but he does seems eager to innovate.

Anand-Mahindra“The government, in order to create the push, needs to create incentives whether they come through Central or the state governments, in order to provide a lower sticker price for cars.”

Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra is calling on Delhi to introduce EV subsidies. Not for ever, he clarifies, they could “taper down over time” in line with falling battery prices.

Fleets + Infrastructure

GenZe, Everty, BYD, Homeplus.

Couriers electrified: Mahindra’s U.S. operation GenZe has found Postmates as a new partner. The bike courier service delivers in more than 200 cities in the States and has chosen New York and San Francisco for a programme with electric scooters and pedelecs from GenZe. The LEVs will roll-out at additional locations over the next year and have a removable battery for easy swap and/or charge.

Peer-to-peer charging: Sydney start-up Everty has launched an EV charging service. The model works like Air BnB and founder Carola Jonas hopes to convince those EV drivers with off street park and charge spaces to open up to the likeminded. Nine stations were listed at the time of writing but peer-to-peer grows bit by bit.,

BYD expands in Brazil: The proliferate vehicle maker from China continues its South America expenditure. Belo Horizonte is the latest city to receive electric taxis from BYD. They will join its electric buses in town. Brazil hopes to sell 2,000 electric vehicles in Brazil until the end of 2018.

Shop&Charge: Homeplus, a supermarket chain in South Korea, said that it will install electric vehicle charging stations at its 101 stores across the country by the end of this year.

Service + Suggestions

Electric Buses, Formula E.

Research tip: The global market for electric buses may reach a 500 billion dollar sales volume over the next 20 years, says IDTechEx. The analysts believe that all major manufacturers will offer electric models by then – Tesla included. via

Reading tip: Jalopnik editor Stef Schrader had the chance to drive a Formula E car and says it is “the most surprisingly fun thing I’ve driven in ages”.

Short circuit

Zero emission Aston Martin.

When certain manufacturers are asked when they will offer an electric model, most take a defiant approach. Aston Martin however, decided to bridge the waiting time with humour and presents its first ultra clean and extra light ZEV, the AMR-SB racer. P.s.: SB stands for soapbox.