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Borgward, Toyota, Thunder Power, Emission Offer, Chery, Kia.

Borgward brings coupé: It is one of the sweeter surprises at this year’s IAA, the all-electric Isabella by Borgward. While the revived brand had mainly SUV plans, it draws from its history for this concept that comes in a modernised and sleek form. The e-Isabella bears two electric motors with a combined 220 kW. While Borgward speaks of 500 km range, it is unclear whether this racy four-door EV will ever see a production facility from the inside.,

Power hybrids by Toyota: The Japanese carmaker stays on course first set by the Prius and now wants to sway buyers in Europe with more performance. From 2018, two hybrid options will be on offer and the design of the stronger version will resemble the C-HR Hy-Power currently on display. (strategy), (C-HR Hy-Power)

Thunder Power has turned the spotlight on its EV range at its booth in Frankfurt. Next to a camouflaged electric sedan said to be closer to the series version than 2 years ago, stands an all new electric SUV. The ‘Future Vision’ too sits on the dedicated EV platform the firm from Taiwan has been working on together with German engineers and there is some Italian influence in the bodywork.,,

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WebastoE-lementary for E-Mobility: At the IAA, Webasto is presenting its new charging stations for the first time. In addition to proven safety, our units offer the highest level of convenience and quality. Webasto charging stations charge up to six times faster than conventional domestic sockets. They enable carefree e-mobility and transform motion into progress. Hall 8.0, Booth A19.

Wishful thinking: Since the power of emission regulation has dawned on the car industry, it has switched to a preemptive strategy. Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche, who currently leads the ACEA as well, now made an “offer” to reduce emissions by another 20 percent between 2021 – 2030 – if demand for EVs and infrastructure allows. The German Ministry for the Environment in a first reaction pointed out that such decisions belong to the realm of politics.,, (reaction, in German)

Chery’s plug-in SUV is out officially as the Chinese unveil the Exeed TX at the IAA. In Europe it will go on sale in all three electrified variants, EV, PHEV, and hybrid reportedly. The plug-in hybrid will be first and then come with a range of 70 kilometres.,

Kia plugs into UK market: After introducing the Niro PHEV on the Isles, the Koreans have now launched the Optima Sportswagon PHEV. Prices start at 32,645 pounds after incentives.

Number of the Day

Sono Motors Crowd Investing.

Crowd investors gathered 1 million euros for Sono Motors in just a few days after the Seedrs campaign opened. Due to this success, the Munich-based start-up has extended the offer. 500 investors from 14 countries have acquired shares so far and the money will be used to build the 16,000 euro Sion EV.

Research + Technology

Samsung, Honda, University of Arkansas, Formula E.

Samsung’s new battery solutions: With a German battery production missing, the IAA is a good place for Samsung to lay out its multifunctional offering. A modular system is to enable up to 700 kilometres of range and the novel ‘Low Height Cell’ was designed with light weight in mind. Cells with 21700 format for cylindrical batteries have been brought over from Korea as well.,

Honda’s Power Manager: As Japan’s second biggest carmaker enters electric territory with its Urban EV, it started to think about managing currents as well. The Power Manager enables to integrate electric cars into smart grids and its V2G functionality works both ways. Honda will put the Power Manager to the test as part of a pilot scheme called SMILE (Smart Ideas to Link Energies) in France.

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EVS30EVS30 in Stuttgart: New standards in electromobility From 9th to 11th October 2017 the entire electromobility industry will meet in Stuttgart for the EVS30. Find out about latest trends as well as applications of the electric drive train – at the exhibition or in the international conference. Don’t miss EVS30 and also visit the co-located events BATTERY+STORAGE and f-cell.

Research on power electronics is to advance at the University of Arkansas now that the DoE granted it 3.2m dollars. Two teams look to develop new power converters designed to reduce weight and complexity of such systems. The aim is to help electrify heavy vehicles and reduce cost of electric cars.

More power for FE racer: 10 kW more in racing mode (up from 170 kW) is one of the changes awaiting Formula E drivers and spectators in season 4. The ten teams have been confirmed.

Quotes of the day

Herbert Diess, Ralf Speth.

“It would be desirable for the German and European industry to play a stronger role here.”

VW boss Herbert Diess cautiously calls out to fellow carmakers on the continent to look into a joint production of battery cells at an industrial scale.

“I am absolutely confident we will see battery cars faster than anybody expected on the street and therefore all of the infrastructures will catch up.”

Says Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth and we got nothing more to add other then: depends on whose expectations one is looking at.

Fleets + Infrastructure

Fastned, EU Commission, New York, Proterra.

Fastned to erect German fast-chargers: The German Ministry of Transports grants Dutch Fastned 4.1m euros to install 25 fast-charging stations across the country. That is a subsidy of about 160,000 euros per station with multiple charge points. The first such stops shall open in early 2018.

The EU Commission has turned to the Netherlands too to get its infrastructure at its HQ in Brussels sorted. Dutch Alfen entered the winning bid in a tender for the installation of 60 charging stations. Model Eve includes an online tool that delivers charging data in real time and the first stations shall be ready this month. There is no data available on how many EU commissioners actually drive an EV.

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ecomobiel2017Ecomobiel 2017 – Ecomobiel has grown to become the biggest platform for sustainable mobility and mobility management in Holland. Take advantage of opportunities like new contacts, cooperations and participation in workshops and debates on different segments. Charging, infrastructure, Smart Mobility and LEV to name just a few. Visit Ecomobiel 2017.

Municipal fleet electrification: New York’s Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has made 2.2m dollars from the Environmental Protection Fund available in rebates for municipalities to purchase or lease EVs, PHEVs and FCEVs. Funding of public infrastructure is included as well.,

And over in New York City the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has leased five electric buses from Proterra to go into service this December. They are to initially serve two routes in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan as a test run to see the potential of an all-electric fleet.

Service + Suggestions

London, Nissan Leaf.

Reading tip: With London requiring all taxis to be capable of electric driving by next year, LEVC readies its TX 5 aka the plug-in black cab. James Attwood took a ride with its CTO and delivers a detailed report.

Video tip: See the new Nissan Leaf roll off the lines at Oppama in Japan. In fact it is an overview that shows the production from start to finish in under seven minutes. (video below article)

Short circuit

Premium genes.

Wey is Great Wall’s luxury arm that exhibits a rather unrefined manner at the IAA. Its latest concept is a little too close to Tesla’s Model X in appearance and is even called XEV. The latter is misleading on top because it is nothing but a plug-in hybrid.