Snorre Sletvold, John Andrews.

Snorre-Sletvold“A boatload of Nissan Leafs arrives in Norway each week and is sold almost immediately. It is astonishing. We did not expect this. Electric cars started as an Oslo phenomenom but they are now selling all over Norway. By the end of February we expect to be the first country in the world where 1 in 100 cars on the road are electric.”

Even Snorre Sletvold, president of the Norwegian electric vehicle association, is astounded by the uptake of Norway’s EV initiative. The first 50,000 electric car drivers benefit from comprising incentives. At the current registration rate though, this figure could be reached within the next 18 months. Already well before 2018, as the Norwegian government expected.

John-Andrews“The high-volume production cost of fuel cells fell from 275 dollars per kilowatt in 2002 to only 51 dollars per kilowatt.”

For associate Professor John Andrews from the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at RMIT University, the price reduction in the fuel cell sector is only one of many reasons why the technology is going through a renaissance.


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