Feb 13, 2014

Hideki Iba, Willett Kempton.

Hideki-Iba-Toyota“We aim to use lithium ion for Prius, but we are not sure yet. Or we could differentiate within the Prius lineup between ones that use lithium ion battery and other ones that use nickel-metal hydride batteries.”

Hideki Iba, Toyota’s battery research manager, seems only sure of one thing: the Prius 2015 will feature new batteries.

Willett-Kempton“There have been many jobs lost in the automotive sphere but electric cars are going to be a substantial fraction of the automotive market.”

With the outcome of yesterdays Fisker auction still unknown, Delaware University professor Willett Kempton hopes whoever buys the assets wants to manufacture in Delaware and make use of the former GM plant in Wilmington as originally planned by Fisker.