Katsuhiko Hirose, Elon Musk, Gerhard Pils.

Katsuhiko-Hirose“I don’t say it is very safe but we know how to use it.”

Toyota’s Mr. Hydrogen, Katsuhiko Hirose, gave some details about the upcoming fuel cell vehicle to journalists at an event in Hamburg yesterday. He is expecting a market behaviour similar to that Toyota saw with the introduction of the Prius.
Source: electrive.com on location

Elon-Musk“With this facility, we feel highly confident of being able to create a compelling and affordable electric car in approximately three years.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on its latest coup, the ‘Gigafactory,’ which is supposed to reduce costs and accelerate production and development of Tesla battery packs considerably.

Gerhard-Pils“If we don’t get tax exemption just because the electric vehicles are not assembled here, the country will not develop in this modern innovation. My strong proposal to the government is to give us tax exemption, which Malaysia does not offer at the moment.”

Gerhard Pils is Managing Director of BMW in Malaysia. He urges the country’s government to clarify its EV policies and incentives as otherwise BMW’s local joint venture nor the introduction of the i-series will go ahead.


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