University of Arkansas, Torotrak, Lotus Cars, GreenTrans.

Platinum bonding: A research group at the University of Arkansas led by Peng Xu found that graphene bond with platinum nanoparticles helps the latter to fall into organized patterns. This means that catalysis in future fuel cells might require up to 80% less platinum than today’s.,,

Millions for KERS: The UK’s Technology Strategy Board has awarded Torotrak and its technology partner Lotus Cars a grant of 4.3 million pounds (7.2m dollars). The money is for the integration of their Flybrid KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) technology into a manual gearbox.

New central motor: At the upcoming Taipei Cycle Show, Taiwan, GreenTrans will presents its crank drive unit, said to weigh less than four kilos. It comes with a 48 V/8.5 Ah battery and the company’s own torque sensor. GreenTrans further announced it is developing an s-pedelec kit.


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