Mar 3, 2014

Adam Jonas, Wolfgang Bernhart.

Adam-Jonas“If this company can establish a technological and scale lead in energy storage and autonomous cars, might we one day look back at Tesla’s humble beginnings as simply a car maker much as Amazon began as a book seller?”

According to Stanley Morgan analyst Adam Jonas, Tesla will outperform expectations of investors buying into the Tesla rush by far. With the Jonas report forecasting Tesla sales to breach one million in 2028, it fed the hype on the stock market itself.

Wolfgang-Bernhart“The Japanese do not necessarily offer better electric cars in terms of quality. They do offer significantly cheaper models though. Particularly Mitsubishi and Nissan operate rather aggressively in this respect – not only in Japan but also in the USA.”

Wolfgang Bernhart is Roland Berger’s automotive specialist. He bases the strength of Japanese manufacturers in their value chain, which includes everything from cell to drivetrain production. (in German)

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