Carlos Tavares, Yoshikazu Tanaka, Jochen Goller.

Carlos-Tavares“Electric mobility is not a priority.”

Peugeot’s new CEO Carlos Tavares wants to first help the carmaker out of the red. He says that EU emission goals could also be reached without developing new EVs. (in German)

Yoshikazu-Tanaka“So, we can state that, in Europe today, only 77 stations and over 100 next year will allow a large European territory coverage, connecting for instance Norway to Switzerland via Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Even if it is not as convenient as today’s petrol station, some 200-300km between each station is a reasonable starting point.”

This is just one of the interesting answers from Yoshikazu Tanaka, head of the fuel cell vehicle development at Toyota, given to the many questions he had been asked around the automaker’s European debut of its FCV concept car at the Geneva Show.

Jochen-Goller“Once we see that an electric vehicle is profitable, we will already have access to that technology.”

VP of Sales Jochen Goller could not say exactly when an electric Mini will hit the roads. But he sees the potential, since the BWM Group already earned the necessary know-how with the i3. (in German)


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