Mar 7, 2014

Wolfgang Ziebart, Beatrice Foucher, Norbert Reithofer.

Wolfgang-Ziebart“I personally think that the hybrid drive will become the dominant drive train in the upper vehicle classes.”

Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show engineering director at Jaguar Land Rover, Dr Wolfgang Ziebart, said that alternatively powered cars would be an important factor for carmakers of premium cars in the future.

Beatrice-Foucher“We see what BMW is doing and it’s interesting, but I don’t think we will do it. Perhaps it makes it easier for people to switch to EVs for a short while, but this situation will pass quite quickly; the answer is greater range on the car and also a better infrastructure for charging, and these things are coming fast.”

Beatrice Foucher heads Renault’s EV section and made sure that customers will be able to get battery upgrades in the future but does not believe a range extender is the cure for range anxiety.

Norbert-Reithofer“I take Tesla seriously. From my perspective, it is positive if a manufacturer drives electric mobility further. We will benefit from it with our electric vehicles BMW i3 and i8 too. By the way, this is also applicable vice versa.”

BMW-CEO Norbert Reithofer on the Californian carmaker whose contribution he respects but not envies or sees as a threat to his own electric endeavours in the i-series. (in German)

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