Takeshi Uchiyamada, Gilles Bernard, Dilbagh Gill.

Takeshi-Uchiyamada“I foresee hybrid models pretty soon reaching 20 percent of global sales from about 13 percent to 14 percent now.”

Takeshi Uchiyamada, Toyota-Chairman and father of the Prius, does not even include plug-in hybrids in his forecast, saying the cost of the vehicles are too high due to low initial volumes. He contradicts VW’s prediction that plug-in hybrids have the biggest market potential among plug-in technologies.

Gilles-Bernard“If we want to face the real problem of e-mobility, we need an open market of services. (…) This question of ‘where is the next charging station?’ should not exist.”

Gilles Bernard, Chairman of the Board at Gireve, a consortium of French carmakers, financial institutions and utilities, says that the first step in building up charging infrastructure (national and international) is to bring together service providers and station operators. The goal is the possibility to recharge at any station, no matter the operator.
Source: at the Hubject Developers Conference in Berlin

Dilbagh-Gill“We believe that Formula E is the perfect platform to help enhance our knowledge and expertise of electric vehicles, while also helping us to transfer cutting edge technology to our road cars.”

Dilbagh Gill, Team Principal at Mahindra Racing, sees the challenges Formula E will face in its first year as the perfect opportunity to tackle problems such as aerodynamics or setting standards for testing an e-racer.


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