Elon Musk, Hildegard Wortmann.

Elon-Musk“The reason that we did not choose to do this is that the auto dealers have a fundamental conflict of interest between promoting gasoline cars, which constitute virtually all of their revenue, and electric cars, which constitute virtually none.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on the reasons for not working with franchises but distributing through manufacturers stores only. He reacted to a recent decision taken by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission making the direct sale of cars by manufacturers impossible.

Hildegard-Wortmann“Electrification is here to stay, so whether it’s plug-ins or whatever form it takes, we definitely have to continue working with them. This journey has only just started.”

Hildegard Wortmann is BMW’s senior vice president for product management and aftersales. In this interview, she elaborates on the German carmakers strategy of electrification which has only just begun.


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