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Karabag-InduktivLadenKarabag inductive charging: Hamburg-based Karabag, mainly known for its electric conversions of the Fiat 500, has finished the engineering and testing phase of its inductive charging system. The system was developed together with Paul Vahle und Finepower and is now ready to go into production. The German company is currently looking for partners who want to install the wireless 3 kW system.
welt.de (in German), harburg-aktuell.de (in German)

Dynamic three-wheeler: Even with a large transport-basket in the front, the MK1 by Denmark’s Butcher & Bicycles leans sportily into the bend. The reason – its two front wheels can incline. The e-version of the cargo bike is available starting at 5,000 euros (6,900 dollars). The 12 Ah battery keeps the wheels spinning for as many as 15 kilometres.
heise.de (in German)

Strategic German-Indian partnership: India’s Hero Cycles will invest 15 million euros (20.7m dollars) in German bike maker MIFA (Mitteldeutsche Fahrradwerke). The two want to cooperate in the development of electric motors and e-bikes. But that seems to be only the beginning. Hero Cycles has reserved a total of 40 million euros (55.1m dollars) for the German market, which could buy it a market share of 33%.


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