Hybricon, V-Charge, Bombardier, D-Face.

Super-fast charging at 625 Ampere: In Swedish Umea, the new Arctic Whisper (HAW) electric bus by Hybricon Bus Systems has been charged ultrafast via Opbrid’s Bůsbaar. In the trial, 625 amps were pushed inside the battery for six minutes, making way for 2-3 min. charges at 500-1,000 kW in the future.
greencarcongress.com, youtube.com (Busbaar video)

Autonomous charging: In the EU project ‘V-Charge’ (for Valet Parking and Charging) ETH Zurich and the universities of Brunswick, Oxford, and Parma, are developing driverless park and charge systems for EVs together with Bosch and Volkswagen. A first prototype system is now up and running in Stuttgart, Germany.

EVs by Bombardier: Charles Bombardier of the company of the same name is drafting electric vehicle concepts based on Bombardier’s own inductive charging technology. In his vision, electric shuttles, one-man vehicles or electric motorcycles could all be charged contactless soon.
charlesbombardier.com via justpark.de (in German)

Bubble-car is back: In German dubbed “Knutschkugel” (snog ball), the BMW Isetta is back as EV with range extender. The D-Face concept by Japanese firm D Art was on display at the Taipei EV show and the company is looking to license the mini EV with a top speed of 45 mph in other countries.


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