Siemens/BAIC, VDMA, Mercedes, Saft.

Siemens and BAIC join forces: A newly formed joint venture called ‘Beijing Siemens Automotive E-Drive System’ will produce motors and inverters for hybrids and EVs. Prototyping is set to start this year while mass production with more than 100,000 units per year is set to follow in 2015 in Beijing.

One battery for all: The ‘Modular Multi-Use Battery Systems’ project unites 30 companies and research institutions trying to develop a standard for high performance batteries. The EnergyBus organisation is to provide its open standard initially written for LEVs for the communication between smart battery modules.

Mercedes with a mind: The new ‘Intelligent HYBRID’ system by Mercedes-Benz assesses the road ahead and manages the remaining energy accordingly. Designed for hybrid vehicles, the system keeps the battery charged only enough to take full advantage of recuperation, thus generously boosting the drive with electric energy in between.,,

Electric ferry for Stockholm: The Swedish capital placed an order with battery manufacturer Saft to supply li-ion batteries. The batteries are destined to power a new electric ferry, which will be operated by Ballerina on behalf of Stockholm Public Transport.


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