Mike Michels, Chris Martin, Jens Kratholm.

Mike-Michels“You’re not going to get the volumes and the mainstream acceptance until a vehicle – whatever the technology is – can be the only vehicle in the household.”

Mike Michels, Toyota VP of External Communications, on Toyota’s focus on hybrids and fuel cell vehicles while he does not believe a Tesla or another BEV could serve as the only car in a house.

anonym“It’s more that we believe that that is the ultimate solution transportation future.”

Chris Martin, PR manager for Honda, believes similarly strong in the future of fuel cell technology, especially as it is the closest to what people are used to expect from a car nowadays.

Jens-Kratholm“If we want to change the habits of people to begin driving electric cars, all the cars must be on the road at all times so people see them.”

Jens Kratholm is the man with the most Teslas worldwide (6 Roadsters and 1 Model S) in the most unlikely place, Narvik, close to the arctic circle. He firmly believes that only by example people will be convinced to drive an EV too.


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