Toyota hybrid campaign, UK drivers, global events.

Video tip: If you already drive a hybrid, this will be no surprise to you – it can make you stay calm. In this campaign, Toyota first filmed 3o drivers in Rome behind the wheel of a non-hybrid car and then in a Toyota hybrid. And 80% of the test drivers reported less stress when they were driving hybrid.

Reading tip: Sad news indeed. According to a survey, 80 percent of UK drivers do not care about how environmentally (or not) their car is. And tha, even though drivers have to pay a ‘car tax’ in relations to their car’s emission.

Selected events for the upcoming week: Shell Eco Marathon (15th – 18th May, Rotterdam, Netherlands) ++ eTourEurope (17th – 26th May, across Europe) ++ Try an E-Bike Day (18th May, Redbridge, UK).
You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at


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