May 13, 2014 - 08:53 am

John Hanson, Kjell Anderton.

John-Hanson“This was a project for a specific number of vehicles that we planned to sell for a specific number of years. We have not made any announcement about the relationship or what we’ll do with Tesla in the future.”

Toyota’s spokesperson John Hanson about the end of the RAV4 EV as told by Tesla. Apparently the initial deal from 2011 was about components for 2,600 units of Toyota’s electric car of which the company has sold 1,594 so far.

anonym“We were surprised to find that only 6 percent would consider investing in electric vehicles. We don’t believe EVs have become mainstream enough for them, which is a shame. Perhaps it’s just a lack of education.”

Kjell Anderton, director of TrackCompare, on the latest online quick survey held amongst fleet operators. According to the recent poll, only 6% of the participating fleet operators would consider to invest into EVs for their fleets any time soon. The participants were mainly worried about charging opportunities.


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