TECMEHV, Energiepark Mainz, Velogical, Intermodal Bike.

E-learning for e-mobility: TECMEHV stands for ‘Training and Development of European Competences on Maintenance of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles’ and is a EU-funded project of the Duisburg-Essen University. They developed an online platform for mechanics and apprentices providing information on EVs and hybrids. First language is English with more languages to follow soon.
idw-online.de (in German), evtraining.eu (project’s website)

Energiepark-MainzRenewable Energy storage: Construction of the ‘Energiepark Mainz’ has started. The new facility in Germany is a joint effort by utility provider Stadtwerke Mainz AG, Siemens AG, The Linde Group and RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. The pilot plant will produce hydrogen using electricity from renewable sources, mostly from nearby wind power stations and is set to commence operation next year.

Mini e-bike kit: German Velogical, a dynamo specialist, now offers an electric drive. Two electric motors sit on either side of the rim. Together, they deliver 40 Nm of torque and 300 W of continuous power. The system weighs only 1.6 kilos including the 92 Wh battery. The Velospeeder is set to launch next year.
technologicvehicles.com (with video)

Ultra-compact folder: A team of developers from various European countries has built a folding bike that weighs just 7.5 kilos and folds down to the size of a briefcase. The ‘Intermodal Bike’ is made of aluminium and magnesium using sail-grade cables. For the future, a pedelec with a system by Maxon Motor is planned and said to be offered for 1,500 euros.


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