UK, China, ChargePoint, HOV lanes.

Charge point incentive pending: The ‘Domestic Chargepoint Grant Scheme,’ under which home owners in the UK could receive up to 1,000 pounds for the installation of a home charger is on hold. Allegations of abuse through dubious installation providers now led to the programme pending “ministerial review.”

EV Sales in China: 2014 might be a good year for EVs in China, as 7,209 EVs were sold in the first quarter. That is almost half of the overall sales of last year (17,642). So far, the BYD Qin PHEV has proven the most popular choice with 3,294 units. Chery’s QQ3 EV came second best (1,600) followed by the BYD e6 (881).

ChargePoint exits EZ-Charge: Just before its launch, Nissan has lost one of its charging partners. ChargePoint dropped out of the EZ-Charge project, designed to give Leaf drivers access to multiple charging networks when it learned that its competitor NRG will be managing the programme. via

No HOV for hybrids? An amendment to a highway-spending bill would forbid states to allow hybrids with only on driver on HOV lanes. Existing programmes could be continued though and also, plug-in hybrids, extended-range plug-in vehicles and electric vehicles are exempt from the new regulation.


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