Karsten Engel, Alan Epstein.

Karsten-Engel“I personally would assume that in less than five years, China would be the largest market for electric mobility.”

BMW China CEO Karsten Engel has no doubt that the Asian giant will become a huge market for the carmaker’s electric offering. The i3 is set to launch in China in September, but with a cap of 1,000 vehicles this year – even though 28,000 Chinese have expressed interest in a test drive.

Alan-Epstein“Three miracles are about two-and-a-half too many for an industrial organisation and one-and-a-half too many for most companies.”

Alan Epstein, VP of Technology and Environment at Pratt & Whitney, believes in miracles or is working on them to make electric flying a reality. Currently though, battery technology as well as heavy magnetic shielding for large electric motors pose huge problems.
flightglobal.com via chargedevs.com


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