Jun 4, 2014 - 08:31 am

Karsten Engel, Keith Barnham.

Karsten-Engel“It is not convenient to take any comment over Tesla. But we’d like to see the success of Tesla, and welcome more and more competitors participant the segment, which will benefit the infrastructure development for sure, and benefit us all.”

Karsten Engel, head of BMW’s China division, welcomes Tesla as another player on the Chinese EV market but does not see the disruptive newcomer as a threat.

Keith-Barnham“Free fuel for life from your rooftop. Even the most fervent opponents of electric cars like Jeremy Clarkson couldn’t argue with that.”

Prof. Keith Barnham from the Imperial College of London is working on solar panels, which he says are three times more efficient than conventional ones and could be embedded in almost any material, such as roofs or windows of electric cars.
telegraph.co.uk via transportevolved.com


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