Byung Ki Ahn, Jeffrey Towson.

Byung-Ki-Ahn“We really don’t make any money out of selling the fuel-cell vehicles for now.”

Byung Ki Ahn, director of Hyundai’s fuel-cell group, openly admits what most of us might had already guessed: there is no money (yet) to be made with hydrogen vehicles. via

anonym“Overall, the Tesla versus Wanxiang fight is going to be highly entertaining. Both Lu and Musk are visionaries who are already leaders in their industries. They both have long track records of success in hyper-competitive industries. They are both very, very smart. And they are both at the top of their game. So this rivalry should be great for consumers, and pretty fun to watch.”

Jeffrey Towson, South China Morning Post, is nothing less than excited to see the Tesla and Wanxiang CEO’s battling it out on the Chinese and American market, since Lu only recently acquired Fisker.


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