Visio.M, SWATH Electra Glide, Nomadic Power, Laser Power Systems.

Visionary Visio.M: The Technical University of Munich, as well as several carmakers and technology companies presented an updated version of its lightweight electric car. The prototype is to showcase a possible future for EVs and might be offered below 20,000 euros within this decade. To save weight, its battery only offers 100 kilometres of range.

Electric yacht: The SWATH Electra Glide comes in luxurious design and features solar panels as well as two electric motors. The boat holds up to twelve passengers. A diesel motor from Volvo serves as a range extender, which is said to reload the 50 kWh battery in less than an hour.,

Up to 500 kilometres more range is what Nomadic Power promises with its battery trailer, formerly know as the eBuggy. The new battery has a capacity of 85 kWh and the carrier now is more aerodynamic. (with video)

Reasonable doubts: Laser Power Systems is working on an EV using radioactive thorium as primary energy source. The thorium is supposed to heat a laser to heat water to produce steam. The vapour then drives a mini turbine, which finally generates electricity to drive the vehicle. According to the company, the EV could thus be driven for a hundred years. Well, its remnants would surely be here to stay…

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Most clicked link on Monday was the news about the lightweight Carice Mk1 electric roadster.


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