Oliver Schmidt, Elon Musk, Mitsuhisa Kato.

Oliver-Schmidt“We see a very low penetration in other states, where there are fewer or no subsidies as in California, and there is a poor charging infrastructure. We need subsidies in all those states for ZEV. We need a public charging infrastructure and a political commitment from ZEV states.”

Oliver Schmidt, general manager at VW USA Engineering and Environmental Office, who wants to see more support from the states not only for EVs but FCVs and alternative fuel vehicles, too.

Elon-Musk“We can drive demand up at will. But if drive it up too much, then people would get upset with us because they waited too long for their car….When I was visiting in China, the only unhappiness I saw was…because customers were upset about waiting too long for their car. So it’s like, boy, we better not stoke demand in that situation.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on the powerful and most luxurious position a company can be in: demand is exceeding supply and is not even yet at its peak.

Mitsuhisa-Kato“The cruising distance is so short for EVs, and the charging time is so long […] At the current level of technology, somebody needs to invent a Nobel Prize winning type battery.”

Toyota’s Executive Vice President and Member of the Board, Mitsuhisa Kato, said that Toyota will stop making electric cars at the end of 2014 and focus solely on fuel cell technology.


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