Aug 8, 2014 - 08:28 am

Adam Jonas, Kevin de León.

Adam-Jonas“It is in Tesla’s interest to under-sell expectations of the Model X’s capabilities while it is still in the early stages of the global roll-out of the Model S.”

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas expects Tesla’s new model to outsell the Model S as soon as it will hit the market. It is therefore only wise to dampen expectations given that the Californians are just launching in new markets.

Kevin-de-Leon“A 2,500-dollar rebate to purchase an electric vehicle is not likely to matter to someone earning over 300,000 dollars a year, but it does make a big difference to someone earning 60k a year. Every community deserves clean air, regardless of wealth.”

Kevin de León, Senator in Los Angeles, is asking for a change in California’s rebate policy. While currently mostly the wealthiest benefit from the programme, his proposed Senate Bill 1275 is calling for a cap on income for those eligible.


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