Jens-Peter Ellermann, Andy Palmer, William Wright.

Jens-Peter-Ellermann“We’ve got major plans, and not just within the automobile industry.”

Professor Jens-Peter Ellermann, NanoFlowcell Chairman, on the company’s QUANTe that runs on a flow cell system with saltwater driving four electric motors.

Andy-Palmer-Nissan“We don’t lose money on electric cars anymore, that’s clear. But when you enter a new technology, there’s a curve to be gone down and we’re obviously faster into that curve than anybody else.”

Andy Palmer, still Chairman of Infiniti at that time. Will he be willing to lean into that curve again when at his new employer Aston Martin?!

William-Wright“When I went to London and saw people wearing face masks, I hit on the idea of the hybrid vehicle. When I saw a woman struggling to get a buggy onto a bus, I began to think about the more accessible entrances. When I saw that the aircraft men were using composites and carbon fibre, I thought we could do the same.”

William Wright, founder of Wrightbus in Northern Ireland, takes his inspiration from everyday struggles and looks for innovative solutions. He has now been awarded the 2014 Innovation Founder prize at the age of 80.


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