Bouygues, M-BEAM, White Plains, West Springfield.

Old batteries to the grid rescue: A French consortium led by construction company Bouygues has developed the ‘Eco2charge’ system for Ev charging. The system uses old batteries as energy storage to stabilise the grid in the event of many electric cars charging at once. The system has been tested at Bouygues as well as Renault sites and is said to be ready for the market already by next year.

Swap some modules, not the full unit is the idea behind the ‘Modular Battery Exchange and Active Management (M-BEAM).’ Researchers from the University of California, San Diego, are converting a VW Golf and plan to prove the feasibility of their idea with a road trip through the States.,

More charging around NYC: White Plains, a suburb of New York City now installed ten EV charging stations in public parking garages, thus doubling the number of chargers in the city. The new stations were supported and erected by the New York Power Authority and the state Energy R&D Authority.

Environmentally aware community: West Springfield in Massachusetts added a Ford Focus Electric to its fleet. It will be used by the municipality’s water meter reader while a hybrid vehicle and charging station are soon to follow. The electrification effort is fuelled by grants by the state.


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