Ryan Popple, Simon Coveney, Nick Hardy.

Ryan-Popple“Diesel is a dead man walking.”

Proterra CEO Ryan Popple here very clearly formulated his thoughts on the future fuel for public transport. His company successfully builds and sells electric buses.

Simon-Coveney“You will see some very big initiatives over the next couple of months to promote electric transport.”

Simon Coveney, Ireland’s minister for agriculture, is talking about the planned expansion of EV incentives on the island as the existing ones have so far only led to sales of less than 700 in the last five years. The new package is to include further measures to reduce costs as well as introduce privileges for EV drivers.

Nick-Hardy“The technology is understood and company car drivers are no longer cautious of a hybrid.”

Nick Hardy, sales and marketing director at Ogilvie Fleet. The company is seeing “a shift away from pure diesel company cars,” he adds, as more electric and hybrid models become available from mainstream manufacturers.


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