Utah State University, Scienlab, Start-stop systems.

Inductive charging testing: Utah State University (USU) broke the ground for its 4,800 sqm facility. The building and track will be home to the university’s test centre where inductive charging-while-driving technology among other things will be tried and developed (we reported).
upr.org, fox13now.com (video)

Battery chemistry testing: German Scienlab is to present a new testing system for battery cells at the ‘World of Energy Solutions,’ in Stuttgart. The system is designed to enable researchers and automotive companies to optimise energy density, safety, durability and costs of batteries.
scienlab.de (in German)

Will start-stop systems soon feature ultracapacitors? Wonders John Voelkcer as those are said to ease the draw on the advanced-glass mat (AGM) batteries, which could soon replace the common lead acid batteries in cars with start-stop function.

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