Sep 30, 2014 - 08:30 am

California, Louis Palmer, Karsten Engel.

california-dream-big“Dear Mr. Musk: The California Congressional Delegation encourages Tesla Motors to bring the next state-of-the-art Gigafactory to our state.”

This is the opening of a letter sent to Elon Musk by a congressional delegation from California. It seems unusually long-term thinking for politicians, who are here lobbying for a second Gigafactory while the first one, to be build in Nevada, has not even been built yet.

Louis-Palmer“Today, electric cars are available and in everyone’s mouth, however, much more must be done to get them on the road in masses in order they can replace our existing petrol cars.”

Louis Palmer, organiser of the WAVE Trophy and known for his Solar Taxi expedition, on the discrepancy between mass media attention and widespread adoption of electric cars. Palmer has just finished a 1,400-kilometres tour through Switzerland in an electric bus to promote electric mobility. (with video)

Karsten-Engel“It’s the start of a revolution, which the car industry has awaited for over a century. This holistic approach to e-mobility is a solid step forward in China.”

Karsten Engel, president and CEO of BMW Group Region China, just launched the i3 and i8 in China and is not shy to see this as the beginning of a revolution of transport. Only time and sales will tell…


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