Desmond Wheatley, Tim Urquhart.

Desmond-Wheatley“The problem is we’ve got 100 years of cultural norm that says I must be able to pull over somewhere, and I must be able to fuel in three to five minutes. That’s what we’ve all be ingrained to think. I’m convinced that today’s children will think it’s hilarious that we ever pulled off the highway to charge”

Desmond Wheatley is the CEO of Envision Solar and inventor of the EV ARC, aka the “Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Charger.” It can be installed anywhere and store energy off-grid – just enough of it for EV drivers to quickly top up.

Tim-Urquhart“BMW and Audi are investing heavily in plug-ins and to be competitive Lexus will have to go down that route too.”

IHS Automotive analyst Tim Urquhart on Lexus in Europe, where Toyota’s luxury branch has difficulties to be seen as a match to home grown manufacturers.


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