David Richards, Peter Savagian, Jürgen Stackmann.

David-Richards“Why would you carry two engines around? I certainly can’t see that in a performance brand. I can’t see the justification for a hybrid version at all.”

While others make money and create a stir with their super hybrids, Aston Martin mastermind David Richards dampens hopes that the British carmaker will look to electrify its vehicles.

Peter-Savagian“We were real anxious to see if what we assumed was correct. We got some surprise there, and the biggest one was that people really want to drive electrically and they seek out opportunities to charge. In fact, they charge more than once a day, on average.”

Peter Savagian, GM’s general director of electric and hybrid vehicles talks about the experiences made with the Chevy Volt so far. When it was first introduced, GM assumed people would not drive electric as much as they actually do.

Juergen-Stackmann“Our customers usually have just one car in the household, and we are about value. Sure we could quickly implement that technology because we’re in the Group, but for the moment I’d like use to stay focussed.”

Head of Seat Jürgen Stackmann does not believe in the electrification of his brand (yet).


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