Hadi Zablit, Alain Prost, Kenneth Kcomt.

Hadi-Zablit“I would say it’s a signal that the automotive industry needs to move faster. There are two recent evolutions that have happened – the electric car and the connected car – and the auto industry has shown itself to be very conservative [on both counts].”

Hadi Zablit is the co-author of Boston Consulting Group’s annual innovation survey. It shows Tesla in seventh place, while carmakers such as Daimler and Audi are losing ground.

Alain-Prost“I know a lot of people in Formula One and they are looking at what we are doing, because they are losing some spectators and some interest.”

Alain Prost, Formula One legend and now team leader at Formula E, says that the latter will be a success and can win people over. But he adds that it does not aim to replace Formula One.

Kenneth-Kcomt“The sales pace is becoming increasingly stronger. So from a customer convenience and range anxiety standpoint, I think a lot of that is really being alleviated.”

Kenneth Kcomt, director of product planning for Nissan North America, comments on the 140,000 Nissan Leaf that have been sold globally, saying that the expansion of infrastructure is equally growing.


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