Mercedes G-Code, MIT, China Racing & Omni Gear, SunStar.

Daimler-G-CodeNew Mercedes concept: The carmaker unveiled its G-Code concept, a futuristic SUV coupe featuring a turbocharged combustion engine that runs on hydrogen and an electric motor that drives the rear axle. The body has received a “multi-voltaic” paint that works as a solar cell producing electric energy while under sunlight and it also regenerates electrostatic energy when wind is drawn over the body’s surface.,

MIT develops “game changing” battery: The Li-ion battery will be made available in 2016 by SolidEnergy and is said to be able to triple the range of electric cars. The key is an ultra-thin metal anode with higher energy density than the graphite and silicon anodes in current batteries.,

Formula E alliance: China Racing announced its cooperation with Omni Gear to build an electric gearbox and, in due course, a powertrain, with the aim of bringing these to Formula E and the EV market. Starting next season, teams will be allowed to provide their own drivetrains for the first time.,

Plans for SunStar unveiled: The solar plane was designed by Solar Flight as an atmospheric satellite, which operates and performs many of the functions as a satellite would do in space, but does it in the atmosphere. Uplink and downlink speeds are said to be far better than a satellite, due to the shorter distance. For take-off, the SunStar will be powered by three electric motors, which turn off once it reaches an operational altitude.,

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Most clicked link on Monday was the futuristic two seater electric boat Quadrofoil, that will be available in 2015 at 15.000 euros.


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