Dec 12, 2014 - 09:11 am

Hubertus Troska, Kent Ramos.

hubertus_troska“You’re carrying 150 kilos of electric components with you that add to the fuel consumption. The effective reduction of emissions will only come if customers actually charge their plug-ins every day.”

Which actually poses a serious problem in China as Hubertus Troska, head of Daimler’s Chinese operations very well knows. Generous government subsidies led buyers to opt for plug-ins but they often find themselves driving with gas as charging stations are scarce.

Kent-Ramos“We have been serving the Sacramento market with a variety of fuels for over 60 years and we are anxious to support the infrastructure necessary to prove that hydrogen has a place in the transportation fuel mix.”

Kent Ramos, president of Ramos Oil Company, is obviously open to various forms of fuels. His station in Sacramento has just become the sight of Linde LLC’s first hydrogen fuelling station in the U.S.


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