Dec 15, 2014 - 09:29 am

Long Beach, Brunswick, Switzerland, California, Autolib.

Bidding battle reloaded: Again, bids have been handed in to build a fleet of electric buses for Long Beach, California. Again, it is BYD vs. Proterra. BYD had secured the 12-million dollar contract for ten e-buses once before but had it canceled as it was not compliant with federal law (we reported).

Inductive charging: The German city of Brunswick is expanding its ‘Emil’ project to include another four 18-meter electric buses that will take up service before christmas. Already, a 12-meter electric bus runs through the city since March. The 90 kWh-battery will be inductively charged via Bombardier’s Primove system at Brunswick’s main station. (in German)

Charging while skiing: Tesla has opened two more Superchargers in Switzerland which enable Model S drivers to travel to ski resorts. The stations in St. Moritz and Martigny are also close enough to Italy. By now, there are a total of six Tesla charging stations in Switzerland and a 112 all over Europe.

Versatile electric school bus: Under a Clinton Global Initiative, three California school districts will test what electric school buses have got to offer not only in terms of bringing children safely to school but also in case of a disaster and as income generator. Six C-Series buses will be retrofitted and monitored in service over three years.

Details on London Autolib: The French company will roll out its service in the British capital by September 2015. About 200 – 250 Bolloré BlueCars are to be made available for hire but will be painted in the same red as London’s buses. Prices will probably be similar to Paris with a 100 pound annual fee to join and a charge of 5 pounds for 30 minutes’ use.


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