Maurizio Reggiani, Jeff Bracken.

Maurizio-Reggiani“We face new challenges. I think to maintain the DNA of a sports car will need naturally aspirated engines with a high number of cylinders. Maybe one day we will have to downsize and use turbochargers. But I think plug-in is the right solution.”

Maurizio Reggiani, Lamborghini’s head of research and development, is hinting at the Asterion concept plug-in hybrid going into production. If it does, it would come at a price of about 350,000 pounds (548,000 dollars).

Jeff-Bracken“The model that Tesla has to open up their outlets in shopping malls is a clever one. I think they’re getting a lot of folks to stop in and learn about Tesla.”

Jeff Bracken, group vice president-Lexus at Toyota Motor Sales USA, is eyeing its competitor. Bracken believes that Tesla’s mall stores offer a good opportunity to catch the attention of younger buyers.


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