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400 quick chargers for Germany: German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt has said to the regional newspaper Passauer Neue Presse thatfast charging stations will be installed along German motorways. Motorway services operator Tank & Rast GmbH is to equip all of its 400 sites with charging and parking spots by 2017. The German government will take over some of the costs.
reuters.com, pnp.de (in German)

Dutch charging up: The Hague plans to install another 1,000 charge points to increase the number of EVs on its roads. Currently, there are 300 charge points in the city which serve about 1,500 electric cars.

7+ kW charging rate for BMW i3: BMW is finally keeping its promise to American i3 owners as it now offers to replace (faulty) on-board chargers. Together with a software update, the move is to enable the initially advertised Level 2 maximum charging rate of 7.4 kW.
insideevs.com, bmwblog.com

Autolib expansion: Bolloré has issued a new variant of its rental EV in Paris. There, 100 new so-called Utilibs are to populate the streets. They come in bright red and with two seats instead of four, while taking a payload of 230 kg or 900 litres. Utilib will be in beta phase until the end of February.
insideevs.com, paris.fr (in French)

Bid for ULEVs: British cities are invited by the UK government to hand in proposals to increase EV use. A total of 35 million pounds (54m dollars) are up for grabs in the go ultra low city scheme. Up to four cities with the best proposals could get a share of the fund.

E-mobility arrives on Jejudo: The first 15 Nissan Leaf have been delivered to the Korean island together with two quick charging stations. Jejudo will also host the International Electric Vehicle Expo this March where BYD will showcase its all-electric e6 model.
koreaherald.com (Nissan), koreaherald.com (BYD)


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