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New BMW i charging: The German carmaker presented its ‘BMW i Home Charging Services’ to the American public at CES. It prefers solar energy when available. If not, the system charges when prices are low. Furthermore, BMW announced the ‘i ChargeForward Program.’ Up to a hundred i3 drivers in San Francisco will take part in the 18-month pilot to demonstrate intelligent charging that takes into account the grid. The program includes a second-life for Mini E batteries which will store solar energy.,,, (i ChargeForward)

EV promotion: Automotive Leasing has partnered with the Energy Saving Trust (EST) Scotland to encourage drivers to switch to EVs in a UK wide project. The partners will promote the ‘Take A Leaf Out of Our Book’ initiative, which offers three months trials with the Nissan Leaf.,

ChargePoint Home: Usually ChargePoint is known to operate public charging stations in the U.S., but now offers a compact home charger. ChargePoint Home can be ordered with charging cords of various length and the station can be operated remotely via smartphone app.,

Campus charging: Northwestern University in Illinois will install four EV charging stations each able to charge two electric cars at a time. The stations come from the university’s partner Schneider Electric and have been installed on request of existing and aspiring EV drivers.

Dual-mode electric bus: The Regional Transit Authority (RTA) in Dayton, Ohio, has started testing the first of four electric trolleys. The prototypes called ‘NexGen’ were built in California and can operate on or off the overhead wire and will thus be compared with battery electric buses, too.


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