Nihar Patel, Robert Bienenfeld.

Nihar-Patel“Consumers and the investment community need a clear signal that government is not choosing winners or losers in the zero emission vehicle race. These vehicles should be treated equally to allow the market to decide.”

Nihar Patel, Toyota’s Vice President of North American Business Strategy, criticises that after the federal fuel cell credit expired last year, only BEV and hybrid car buyers will receive incentives, while buyers of fuel vehicles go home empty handed.

Robert-Bienenfeld“Fuel-cell vehicles are a critical pillar for meeting our mid- to long-term carbon cutting goals. With renewed attention to the development and thoughtful rollout of a fueling infrastructure, it’s a very exciting time for both the technology and the promise it holds.”

Said Robert Bienenfeld, assistant vice president of environment and energy strategy for American Honda Motor Co. at the Washington Auto Show, where Honda is showcasing its FCV Concept. The car is expected to launch in the U.S. in 2016.


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