Kim Jeong-wook, Jerome Dumortier.

anonym“The growth in electric vehicles until 2020 will come in response to various regulations being imposed by key governments in the United States, Europe and China as opposed to economic benefits like oil prices.”

Samsung SDI Senior Vice President Kim Jeong-wook is certain that today’s low petrol prices won’t change the long-term outlook for electric cars.

Jerome-Dumortier“Consumers have been slow to buy hybrids and plug-ins because they cost more initially than conventional cars. Our research indicates car shoppers are less hesitant when they see the big picture, what it really costs to own a vehicle over 10 years.”

Jerome Dumortier, Assistant Professor at Indiana University, is co-author of a study asking people to react to EPA fuel economy labels without attached brand names. Only fuel consumption did not seem to influence them, while the total cost of ownership did.


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