Toroidion, Toyota, UQM Technologies.

Electric supercar from Finland: The yet unknown Finnish carmaker Toroidion has announced plans to unveil an all-electric super sports car concept in April at the Top Marques car show in Monaco, which is specialized in luxury vehicles. Preliminary details about the “Toroidion 1MW concept” claim that it has received its name as a reference to its power output of no less than one megawatt (1,000 kW).,

Toyota ramps up battery recycling: The carmaker announced that it plans to expand its battery collecting service throughout Europe. Toyota Motor Europe aims to ramp up its current 91 percent collection rate for used hybrid batteries to a full 100 percent. To support this, Toyota has extended its current battery recycling agreements with two companies in France and Belgium until 2018.,

Converted electric trucks for Seoul: UQM Technologies has entered a business relationship with the South Korean electric vehicle manufacturer Power Plaza to provide its PowerPhase Pro 100 electric motor and controller systems. Power Plaza is working with the Seoul city government and other key partners on a program to convert diesel trucks to electric vehicles.,


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