Feb 16, 2015 - 10:39 am

Lutz Pathfinder, Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation.

Video tip: With more than 20 sensors, including cameras, lidar and radar, the all-electric two-seater Lutz Pathfinder could roam the streets of the UK all by itself. Except that driverless cars are not yet allowed in Great Britain. But it is quite an eyecatcher, even on the track in Milton Keynes.

Book tip: In his book “Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation,” Tony Sheba predicts that the oil industry and electric utilities will be gone by 2030, because technological trends such as renewable energy, energy storage, EVs and autonomous vehicles build on and reinforce one another, making these older industries obsolete.


Found on electrive.com
16.02.2015 10:54