Feb 16, 2015 - 10:42 am

Pierre Loing, Orth Hedrick, Steve Chu.

Pierre-Loing“Being the first ones on the market, we should be among the first ones to reach 200,000, and you penalize those who’ve tried to be first?”

Pierre Loing, vice president-product planning for Nissan North America, on the phase-out of the 7,500 USD Federal tax credit in the U.S, once a carmaker has sold 200,000 EVs. Nissan has already sold 73,392 Leaf in the country.

Orth-Hedrick“For the next stage, we were originally planning on hitting the east coast, but we are changing that around a little bit. You’ll see more availability.”

Orth Hedrick, vice president of product planning at Kia Motors America, announced that the Kia Soul EV will soon be available in U.S. states other than California. Which ones that will be exactly, he declined to mention.

Steve-Chu“We’ve published a couple of papers on new approaches. It’s long been known that a lithium-metal–sulfur-cathode battery can potentially have five times higher energy density. We also seek a durable battery that can charge 10 times faster. Of course, as in all research, we may or may not succeed, but I think we have a shot.”

Steve Chu, the former U.S. Energy Secretary (2009-2011) reflects on what he has done since he left the U.S. Department of Energy. His recent endeavours include looking new approaches to lithium-metal-anode batteries.


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16.02.2015 10:01