Rinspeed, Gigafactory, Dubai, XL Hybrids & Lancer Automotive.

Rinspeed-Budiii3-based autonomous concept: Rinspeed announced its plans to present the Budii at the Geneva Motor Show. Based on the i3, the Swiss study will drive all-electrically and autonomously, too. It features numerous screens, desktops and an information system which is said to turn the Budii into a “learning and proactive companion” for the driver, or better, the passenger.

Tesla´s Gigafactory will take up production already in 2016, one year earlier than initially announced. This was stated in the latest ‘Shareholder Letter’ and has since been confirmed by a spokesperson for the Californian electric carmaker, quoted by Japanese Nikkei.
nikkei.com, files.shareholder.com (Shareholder Letter as pdf, p. 3)

Driverless in Dubai: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has commissioned a study on ‘autonomous cars’ which entails talks with various carmakers. If found technologically feasible, self-driving electric vehicles could become a mean of transport for the Expo 2020 in the desert state.
gulfnews.com, daijiworld.com

More hybrids to come: Lancer Automotive Group entered into a non-exclusive installation and distribution agreement with XL Hybrids. The former is to include XL Hybrids’ XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System line into its roster of alternative drivetrain technologies which also includes CNG, LPG and EVs.

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Most clicked link on Monday was Apple’s secret iCar project which is now all over the news.


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