Pravin Shah, Ben Kallo.

Pravin-Shah“The way electric vehicle technology is growing in Europe, we expect it to play an important role there. We are also looking at the opportunity to launch our electric vehicle there and expect to do so in next six months.”

Mahindra Chief Executive of the Automotive Division, Pravin Shah, gives an outlook on the Indian company’s plans for the future. Europe, you better get ready!

Ben-Kallo“If Apple is starting now it would take a couple of years to catch up to Tesla. Even after a car is designed, the competitors will have to source batteries in quantity and cost. Tesla is a couple of years ahead on this front.”

Ben Kallo, an analyst for R.W. Baird, does not see the IT-giant become a true competitor to Tesla and its Gigafactory anytime soon. Rumour has it that Apple is working on an own branded electric car (we reported).


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