Martin Winterkorn, Craig Scott, Ian Wright.

martin-winterkorn“I imagine Apple or Google could be successful in building low-speed electric vehicles. But for everything that goes faster than 100 kilometres per hour, you need to understand the rules of physics and not only master digitalisation.”

VW head Martin Winterkorn compares Google’s EVs to golf carts, saying that those can be made by manufacturers with little knowledge about cars – one has to wonder how relevant fast cars really are outside of the “Autobahn” nation. (in German)

Craig-Scott“Toyota is a big company, but we can’t create this on our own. So it is important to help speed the development of the technology. And what better way than to share 22 years of learning with the industry?”

Craig Scott, national manager of advanced technologies of Toyota Motor Sales, explains the carmaker’s decision to open its patents on hydrogen fuel cell technologies. He sees the move as an opportunity to work on “global problems” together.

Ian-Wright“We wanted to change people’s perception about electric cars. People thought they were golf carts. They don’t think that anymore.”

Ian Wright, head of Wrightspeed and co-founder of Tesla now wants to target garbage trucks, offering an electric solution for the sector. According to Wright, consumer cars “don’t burn enough fuel.”


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