Peter Schmidt, Adalberto Maluf Filho.

Peter-Schmidt“All the big manufacturers, with the exception of Fiat Chrysler, seemed to be quietly readying battery only cars and plug-in hybrids. Tesla may not have everything its own way for much longer.”

Peter Schmidt, editor of bi-weekly newsletter Automotive Industry Data (AID), says that while electric and hybrid cars were not in the spotlight at the Geneva Motor Show, there is a lot of activity behind the scenes.

Adalberto-Maluf-Filho“It is the best deal in the world for taxi drivers, because today they are spending both on fuel and on car payments.”

Adalberto Maluf Filho, director of BYD’s marketing and governmental affairs in Brazil, says the company will lease its electric cars to taxi companies at the same price as “regular” cars. The price, however, will not include the battery.


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