Mar 10, 2015 - 09:18 am

Auckland, Himachal Pradesh, Southern Railway, Germany.

E-carsharing plans in New Zealand: Auckland is looking for an operator for a carsharing scheme that will see 250 to 300 electric cars hit the road in New Zealand’s capital. That number will slowly be increased to 500. Who is up for the job?,

Himalaya bets on e-buses: In order to combat pollution, the Indian state Himachal Pradesh wants to take at least 500 electric buses into operation. An application for funding has already been submitted to the government.

Rail to charge: Southern Railway wants to install 50 charging stations for EVs in its car parks at railway stations. Southern already has ten chargers and wants to install another 13 in the coming months.

Electric and mobility: The German project “Evaluation of integrated electromobility” will look into how public transport and carsharing schemes can be better integrated with electric mobility, as well as into the life of a user. The project is part of the Cluster Electric Mobility South-West and is funded by the German government with 2.2 million dollars.


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