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British government plugs in: The UK government yesterday announced the purchase of 140 ultra-low emission vehicles as part of a five million pound investment scheme. The all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles will be used by 15 government departments and agencies.
clickgreen.org.uk, gov.uk

Electric Highway update: Operator Ecotricity announced that the about 50 AC chargers currently out of order will be serviced in the coming months. Ecotricity also plans on doubling charge points at current locations and expanding along “A-routes.” Moreover, the company is working on an app to show the availability of chargers in real-time.
autovolt-magazine.com, transportevolved.com

E-bus in Hungary: An eight metre long electric bus by Hungarian manufacturer Evopro has gone into service in Budapest. It is still a prototype called Medio Electric and is a first step toward the country’s goal of becoming a leader in the electric bus market in Central Europe.

DoE funds EV acceptance: The U.S. Department of Energy earmarked 6 million dollars for a total of 11 projects aimed at improving potential buyers’ experiences with alternative fuel and plug-in electric vehicles. The so-called Clean Cities programme will focus on the areas of “on-the-road demonstrations, safety-related training, and emergency preparedness.”

EV drivers asked to loosen purse strings: Starting in July, Oregon will become the first state in the U.S. to collect road fees based on miles driven instead of a state tax added to petrol prices. The reason is the increasing number of electric and hybrid vehicles on the road that will now have to pay up as well.


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